Welcome to John Holmes MBE

I am John Holmes MBE – a Radio and TV Broadcaster – with over 50 years of experience of local broadcasting and a lifetime of stories! I am a huge fan of music with an expansive record collection that I share at my monthly record club – A Pint And A Half of Vinyl – and an archive of lost tapes and memories that I share through my youtube channel – Fragments of Rock. My autobiography is also a treasure trove of stories that comes with some pretty incredible reviews! You can learn more about me here and keep connected with me on instagram and Facebook.


My autobiography is a collection of stories that I treasure from over fifty years in the broadcasting industry. Featuring many greats including George Best, The Beach Boys, Sheila Hancock, Twiggy, and Marc Bolan.

The book is available on amazon and in local bookstores, and has received great reviews!


Fragments of Rock is a collaboration between myself and my son – Mark Holmes. In each episode, we delve into the archives, listen to lost tapes, and reminisce about music, football, Nottingham, and more.

Episodes (below) include interviews with Marc Bolan, George Best, and Eno!

Record Club:

A Pint And A Half Of Vinyl is a monthly record club that I host at the Barley Twist in Nottingham. Working through the alphabet, each month we meet and share our favourite albums and artists beginning with that letter. I believe music unites people from different walks of life and generations and each month the night proves this true!

Interview with Chaz and Dave 1982 – Fragments of Rock

A Pint And A Half Of Vinyl Playlist – Apple Music

A Pint And A Half Of Vinyl – Spotify Playlist