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With over 50 years at the BBC, I have collected so many great memories that I wanted to record and share for the future – many of them capturing moments of music history over the decades and many capturing moments of East Midlands history.

During lockdown, I decided it was time to record those stories in print and create my autobiography, entitled: This Is the BBC Holmes Service.

Included are stories from football – Nottingham Forest and Notts County, the arts – including pantomimes at the local theatres and local TV and Radio including Pebble Mill and The Broom Cupboard.

Many well-known names are also featured – including Sir Alan Bates, The Beach Boys, George Best, Brian Clough, Margaret Thatcher, Torvill and Dean, and many more!

50 years in 340 pages, and with fabulous reviews!

David Harris, Radio User circ. 20,000

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is contemplating a career in the media, who works for the media, or has even aspired to work in radio.

James, Prof of Modern English and Drama at the University of Nottingham wrote:

What a wonderful book!  I’ve just reached the end of it and thought it was absolutely and utterly brilliant.  I genuinely learned so much.

I really think it should be compulsory reading for anyone interested in Nottingham, but also in the history of the BBC, the university, the Playhouse, British radio, or celebrity culture more broadly.  

From screenwriter William Ivory:

Book has arrived and  I‘m LOVING IT. 

John Maslen from the legendary Nottingham band Gaffa wrote: 

I have just finished your book, it really was a roller coaster ride of restlessly energetic proportions – that combination of technical grounding and massive creative energy rips out of the pages.

You can buy my book directly from Waterstones, Five Leaves in Nottingham, or better still:

If you would like a signed copy please contact me directly at and I will be happy to sign one for you at a special price £15.00 inc p&p!

Book ISBN 9781838539085

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